I seriously have no life .__.

Hellloo my fellow strangers :3 welcome to the land of a low life c: 🎀✨ but don't worry your safed here
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For the big ass music challange?

Well I’m gonna just do it anyways but next time you guys ask me like stuff like this please tell me what your doing or asking the questions on. 😊♥

Q.1. Top ten favorite songs of all time.

Well lets see…

1. The fray- You found me

2. Sleeping with sirens- James dean and Aubrey Hepburn

3. The Used- Put me out

4. Ghost Town - Monster

5. 5 seconds of summer- Good girls are bad girls

6. Real friends- late night in my car

7. Never shout never- Cheater cheater best friend eater

8. Pierce the veil- hold on till may

9. All time low- Therapy

10. ???? Fuck I dunno

Okay all of these are probably just songs that just played on my iPhone. But I guess I don’t have one? :(

Q.24. Least favorite genre of music.

Not to offend anyone but it has to be rap.

So thank you for your questions! 😊♥♥♥


Friend: Ill be there in 5 minutes are you ready?



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